Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's so pretty out. I love when it is snowing outside giving the illusion of being trapped inside a snowglobe. I got up with energy today...weird considering I didn't go to bed until late and I got up two times during the night. Ceddy is going through a growth spurt. He's sleeping more and eating a lot more. He's becoming a chunky monkey. Too cute. I love plump babies.

I need to wash bottles speaking of him eating. He burns through them like a Joey Lawrence Woah!

Eric and I worked out last night. Holy Hell that video kicked our butts. That woman does not play. I LOVE IT!!! I contribute my energy this morning to the video. I love working out and I get a high from it...yes, I'm weird. Eric on the other hand...not so excited about the video. He actually did better than me last night. He held his own. It was hilarious seeing us both working out, trying to keep up. We were about in tears afterward. My plan to do the video twice a day. Once in the morning and the other at night with Eric. It's only 20 minutes. I know it will kick start my ass back into shape. I miss having energy and being in shape.

I'm going to cut back on breads and cheese. My two passions. Let's see where that leads us.

The trim in my house all needs a fresh coat of paint...grrrrrr....I HATE painting trim. I'm going to hold off until spring for that.

I finally organized my desktop...ok..I put them in groups and Eric installed fences on it. I LOVE it!!! My fences are hot pink.

ok scanning this entry I just realized you could play a small drinking game with how many times I say "I LOVE IT". Oh well...I love lots of things apparently.

Ok...pointless blog...now to go and work out.

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