Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm so excited!!!

It's the little things I swear that get my hyped.  I know what I'm going to do for Ceddy's first b-day!!!  I thought of doing a pumpkin patch...then Jessica had the great idea of making it like a fall festival.  So I'm going to make it "Cedric's Fall Festival", complete with games and pony rides...maybe pony rides.  But I want to do the whole harvest homing coming theme in my back yard.  Have a balloon entry and signs along with fair games.  I'm going to have a little pumpkin patch for the kids.  It will be toooooo freaking cute!!!  I'm so excited.

Now for spens 7th b-day I have an idea...not sure about it.  But I'm thinking about doing a rock n roll party.  I was thinking about contacting moms music to see if they have a kids band that could play.  Have all rock n roll inspired favors.  Oriental trading has a bunch of cool stuff.  Anyone who knows me, knows I go all out for parties.  It's a weird obession my family has.  We throw the best parties.

Ok...last night I was beyond freaked out...but I got a message on my voicemail telling me to call my obgyns office for my test results and that it was urgent.  FREAKED me out because I just had my pap.  So I was a nervous ninny all night long...I called today only to find out it was over my thyroid test and it was normal.  I already knew that because I had an  appointment with my doctor and she went over them.  Whewwwww.... scary.  Cancer runs in my family...so I hate the C word along with test period.

I got cedrics shoes.  Too cute.  I need to do his three month pics.  I have an idea.  I just need to purchase some damask fabric.  I aslo need to purchase him a chair.  Target has the one I want...so it's simply getting my lazy butt up there and buying it.

My cat is missing.  We have no idea where he is.  I think he slipped out yesterday while I was feeding the baby.  Spen was the last one in and he sometimes leaves the door open.  It's nuts.  He got out once before, and stayed in the garage, but that was at night time and this was during the day.  We looked all over the house.  This is just so weird.  Eric is upset as spencer is too.  I'm freaked out.  I won't lie, I'm not an animal fan, but I hope he's not hurt.  We are not allowed anymore animals.  Poor spen..the other night he was talking about his snail gary. He was so little and cute...he thought his snail reminded him of spongebobs pet snail...hence the name.  Well, Gary died in his case. Eric and I didn't have the heart to tell spen so we would move him around in the case when spen was not around.  Then we told him we had to set him free and give him back to nature his real home.  Aka, we hid him in the front flowers.  Spen used to talk to that little dead snail...it was kinda sad...and funny. 

Life is a strange thing.  Off to shower...

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