Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've had two cups of coffee and one breakfast bar for the day. I think that sums up why I'm starving. I also went to my doctors and gave blood. They all found Ceddy adorable with his faux hawk. My boys are too freakin cute!

I actually dressed somewhat nice today...even did my makeup. Sometimes it's nice to look like a lady.ha. Later I plan on taking spen to his skating party for school. He loves going. I'll have Eric go with me...he's funny, sometimes he skates himself.

My business is really picking up. I've got more weddings lined up for the year...I need to start advertising more.

Eric and I watched Grey Gardens last night...the original documentary. I feel sorry for those women in one hand...and in the other know they lived a wild life. I asked Eric if he was ready to have a wife like that when I'm old. I told him...I'll too lose my mind and be a wacky old lady.

Got my knew ikea catalog. <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to look over it when eric gets home....I've already searched through it. See what ideas we have for this house.

I need to go buy some fabric...I want to make some shirts for Cedric.

Ok..pointless blog.

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