Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was up all night with my chest doing flips. My thyroid is acting up yet again...imagine that. It screws my chest up and gives me palpitations. Fun...eyes rolling.

What on Earth possessed me to start ripping down the wallpaper in the boys bathroom? I started off strong, but fizzled. I need to finish that up. It needs to be done. I was so wore out last night I didn't work out. I did some simple leg lifts, but had no energy for my usual workout. I need to stay on track with that.

I have a long to-do list today. I need to call and see about a trip for the cub scouts. I also have phone calls to return...not to mention my freaking bathroom that looks like Chernobyl. I'll post pics later. The boys will be so excited about their super mario brothers bathroom. Ok, Eric and Spen will...Cedric really will care less. Ha.

I feel really honored to be able to work with this organization. I contacted the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep organization to volunteer as a retoucher of photographs for them. I was introduced to the organization at a seminar last year. It is truly a wonderful cause. The organization offers free portraits to grieving families that have lost their newborns. Here is their site..warning...the waterworks will turn. http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/

I would love to be a photographer for them, but I couldn't do it. Emotionally, I would be a wreck and of little use to the families. I know I couldn't get through a photo shoot without weeping. So, instead of shooting, I will be retouching the portraits. I had to submit work and be reviewed by a board. It was difficult, but knowing I could help a grieving family makes it well worth it. This year I wanted to volunteer doing something meaningful, and I feel this is truly a wonderful cause. I know it seems weird to give portraits to parents that just lost a baby. But these children lived, they were born, they existed. These parents are parents too, and all parents are proud of their babies. NILMDTS offers a final portrait of their little one. It breaks my heart for these families. I know my life is blessed and I want so badly to give back. I was approved today, so I need to sign up for my log in and get started. I hope I can offer some comfort to a family.

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