Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I hate the doctors office...esp new ones....

I hate having to write out all my information...including history, insurance and meds.  I'm a freak of nature and have a lot of things wrong with it's annoying having to explain everything to a new doctor.  I have to go to an endocrinologist today.  I hear she is really sweet.  So that's a plus.  My thyroid is wacky and I want to get it straightened out. 

Ok...I went looking for some birthday clothes last night.  Actually, this past week I have been shopping in search of some new clothes and a purse.  I went to almost EVERY store two malls had to offer with no luck.Well, I went into a store in the mall and found some cute stuff on sale.  Double plus.  Only draw back was the sales girls.  Holy hell, they were on me like white on rice.  I'm not sure if they work on commission or what.  But they were bringing things out from the back that wasn't on display until next week.  It was was such a pretty woman moment. My dressing room was piled high with clothes for me to try on. They kept trying to get me to buy this one shirt.  It was bright red.  I like monochromatic clothing...I know how exciting?  But I like for my accessories to be the focal point...not a bright red shirt.  Also, I knew the likelyhood of me wearing said shirt more than once would be I decided on a scoop neck grayish brown number.  I did score a pair of skinny jeans too.  I found a cute purse and matching wallet on sale!  So needless to say...I had a very happy shopping adventure.  I've lost all my baby weight and am trying to slim down some more.  I'm just a few pounds shy of my goal weight.  Hopefully, the doctor can give me some advice today with my thyroid.

I can't believe I will be 29.  OUCH!  I told Eric not to worry about gifts this year.  I got my new camera lens and a bunch of new clothes.  So I took care of my gifts. Ha.  I have no idea what we will do for our anniversary.We got married the day after my birthday.  I love my husband more than life itself.  I know I'm always bragging about him...and I know it's probably very nauseating.  But my hubby is truly the greatest guy.  Eric has this very special way of loving a person.  He loves you unconditionally.  When he looks into your eyes, you know he truly loves you.  I have dated numerous guys and kissed my share of toads. Ha.  But Eric is different.  He doesn't have anything to prove, he's comfortable with himself and therefore makes you comfortable with yourself.  He is the best supporter.  We have had our share of sadness.   But he has been there holding my hand through it all.  I'll never forget the day I miscarried.  I was weeping at the doctors office and he was there wiping my tears away.  He was hurting just as bad, but he was so strong for me.  When we tried for 2.5 years to conceive and never once did I feel pressure from him.  He told me he was happy with Spencer.  I had given him a son already.  He loves that boy more than life itself.  Never once has he looked at him like a step son. He is his son.  He adores that boy and spoils him rotten.  He lives for our children.  He respects our children and I respect him even more so for doing so.  He is kind and gentle.  He has taken care of me in my most depressing hours or weak moments.  He has lifted me up and supported me.  Last year when Cedric was in the hospital he stepped up and took on all the responsibility.  I was so tired from delivery and recuperating.  He was there taking care of Cedric and asking questions.  Each day I fall more and more in love with this man.  He's one of a kind. I want to do something special for our anniversary.  He's a special guy and deserves something as wonderful as he is.  I have an idea of something...but that will be my secret...because he sometimes wonders onto this blog.  Ok...gag already I know....I'll stop with the mushy feeling stuff. to the grocery and doctor I go.

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