Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm so happy Eric is home!!!  I missed him and so did the kids.

I had a photo shoot today.  The couple was super sweet and nice.  I love working with nice clients.  I need to edit pics.

I'm excited I figured out what I'm going to do on Cedric's real birthday.  His party is on Saturday, but real birthday is on Thursday.  So we are going to take him to Art Sparks.  They have a fun toddler baby room there.  I know he will LOVE it.  I'm a weirdo and you have to do something on the kids actual birthday too.  It's a special day...a celebration of life. concepts.  I love modern.  But my house is traditional.  It screams I can't go super modern with how the layout is currently.   I don't live in a loft so I won't pretend that I I'm trying to work with the current elements and yet somehow make it more modern.  The two worlds shall meet...hopefully blissfully in my house.  I made it work in my formal living room.  I have an idea for my kitchen.  I scratched the wall color because no matter what shade of blue I screamed country blue to me.  It was probably only in my head, but once I shared my thoughts with Eric said he saw it too.( I bought paint colors and tried them out and each one looked off)  So I chose a weird brown/gray/green color.  I swear it changes as the day goes on.  I have the same color in my family room.  So here are my ideas.... I want a traditional kitchen table with modern chairs and I have become obsessed with family silhouettes.  I plan on making my families and putting them on the big wall in my kitchen.  I'm so excited.  Below are my inspirations.
This is one of the frames from lovely IKEA I will be buying to house Eric and my silhouettes.

I adore these and have to somehow recreate them for my family.

I'm in love with these chairs...and found a place that sells them CHEAP!

I like mixing it up...traditional and modern....

I love this look. and chairs...but I could just see the kids tipping them over :(  I know what I like isn't earth shattering or a "new" concept...but I'm just happy I've finally decided on a theme and am moving with it.  I want a black traditional table.  I'm thinking realistically.  Black will hide a lot of things and I originally had wanted a glass table but with kids I'm not sure how safe that would be....esp...since Cedric is a VERY active baby...what will he be like as a toddler???  Also spen trips all the I could just see him falling into it...not a good vision. I want to have a safe happy house that I can let him run freely in.  I read reviews on the chairs I want and they say they are great for kids and they clean up easily...always a plus in my book :)
This is the chandelier we bought.  It's kinda going with the theme of traditional but yet modern....  Hopefully, the kitchen turns out, but no matter how bad it looks it will always look better than the original wallpaper :)

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Joe's blog said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!
I'm afraid I've gained 20 kilos yesterday. Still eating birthday cake for breakfast. YUM YUM!!!