Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feeling the rage...bitchfest blog entry

I'm in such a bitchtastic mood today.  I swear the world is full of assholes and rude people and just my luck I had to run into most of them today.

Current thoughts:

I hate people...esp rude people.

I love how people driving cannot stop and let a mother pushing a cart and pulling a stroller by in the crosswalk...grrrrrrrr...rude drivers!!!

I hate people who live off the government, are on passport, food stamps and drive new cars and go shopping as if they had a job.  They feel entitled to have as many children as they can spit out and not pay one single dime on their upbringing.  I understand and fully support a person who needs assistance.  My bleeding liberal heart sides with these people.  But the people who feel the need to be ghetto fabulous and raise their child off my tax dollar...I am mad at you. 

I have to run my son's cub scout meeting tonight and I SWEAR if this one dad say's any smart ass comment I will not hold back.  I'm tired of being nice!  Be passive aggressive on your own time Mr and leave me the hell alone!  He gets under my skin.  He is the typical suburbanite to the extreme.  Expensive haircut, billboard clothing of any name brand down to his kids socks, and an arrogance that stifles the air around him.  He is the essential East End man who is Father knows best in public, but daddy can't lift a finger out of his adoring public's view.  So tonight I will not put up with his underhanded "helpful" comments.  I plan on letting him know how I feel in a nice tactful way.

Ok, last bitch I promise...if you call me wanting to hire me for services...please please please look up my prices before you call me.  Please do not try to low ball me over the phone or make me feel like I should give you a deal...after all you called me I did not waste your time.  I hate dealing with money period.  But that is the nature of the beast and I will not be a softy anymore.  No more freebies or discounts or I'll include a few more images to be nice.  I'm too nice and I won't be a push over anymore.

I can't wait for Eric to get home.  He's out of town yet again.  He did score a bonus which is nice.  We plan on using it for xmas this year. I miss him. He'll be home soon enough.

I'm so sleepy...I'm tempted to take a nap.  Hopefully, I'll get rid of this bad mood.

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