Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harry Potter Madness!!! (warning long post)

I must first start off by stating I have the best set of friends in the world.  I have felt  sick for the past week.  I have a lovely double ear infection from my allergies.  Funnnn...(eyes' rolling). My friends helped me out sooooo much!!! With that said, I also have the most talented set of friends in the world.  Not only are they crafty and super thrifty...they ROCK.  So last week we all got together and made the mother of all cakes.  I LOVE how it turned out and I can't say thank you enough to these lovely ladies : )

The making of this beautiful cake...

This stuff actually tastes yummy.  I've heard mixed reviews on fondant, but this stuff rocked!

We used the spray on the golden snitch cake pops.

Melting the chocolate for the wands.  We used yellow candy for golden snitches.  

Candy Wands for the kids : )

The cake pops ready to be dipped.

We used paper for their wings.  We stuck them in as soon as they were dipped. They turned out super cute!

My cell phone began to die, but you can see us working on them : )  Here I am spraying them.

Sarah and Amanda mixing the fondant for the right colors for the scarf.

Angela baked a chocolate cake in a book shaped pan.  Here she is adding icing to go underneath the fondant.

Rolling out the fondant...not a fun job.

Amanda rolling...rolling...

Angela icing...

Me adding the detail to the fondant to make it look like book pages. 

 Angela let me use her Duff air brush set.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I really need to find some more uses for it so I can have an excuse to buy one ; )  It was soooo much fun.  Here I am distressing the cake to look like an old book. 

Sarah working her magic adding texture to the scarf.

Angela did an AWESOME job with the writing. 

We figured out we should have dipped the cake balls twice.  We think the alcohol in the spray cracked some of them.  So we just added some scroll candy details on the balls to cover up the cracks.

As for the wand and sorting hat, Sarah and Angela made that magic.  I wasn't there when it was made : (  But it turned out awesome!!!

Now here are some party pics : ))))

I painted these little sacks I got from Michael's in their wedding section.  The kids LOVED them.  I filled them with chocolate coins.

I googled Harry Potter chocolate frog boxes and found an awesome print out for the boxes : )   Angela made the chocolate frogs that went inside. 

I found these cute little bottles at Dee's and filled them with pop rocks.

Quidditch broom snacks...aka popcorn : ) 

FYI...all my Harry Potter prints I found through my trusty friend google.  For the house banners I googled large resolution images and found these.  Printed them, cut them out and spray glued them to black poster board.  I made the candles out of card stock. I told my hubby he had to know I wasn't feeling well, because normally I would have had a lot more; )

I googled Bertie Botts box and found an awesome print out again : )

I found this paper at Michael's for .79 cents!!!

I made the scarves the lazy way with a glue gun ; )

The kids writing spells in their spell books. (Michael's find for a $1)

Eric was awesome with the kids.  He was going to dress up as Snape but it was hot and his costume would have been in the way.  Here the kids are laying on the floor feeling different frequency in the floor.

Eric made this paper that reacts and gives the illusion of blood when touched by ammonia. 

Cedric had to participate too!

 Amanda did not like the frequencies. 

I love Spen's face in the next pic.  He was freaking out over the hissing dry ice.

The KIDS LOVED THESE!!! You can find them in any floral department.  

Butterbeer toast.

Cedric trying to steal a seat.

Even though I did not feel well...I dawned my witch's hat and greeted everyone for the Hogwarts experience  ; )

My friend Amanda being adorable dressed up as professor Trelawney.

I made this table runner from pages I printed out and burned.  I google image searched old Latin, witch, science texts and pages.  I then hot glue gunned them together to form a runner.  Eric made all the kids wands.  They closed their eyes and picked one.

The party was a blast!!!


mackster112 said...

glad I cant help with the bertie botts boxes thats my deviantart account PS the party looks awesome

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks! The boxes were a hit and everyone LOVED them! You are truly talented : )