Thursday, April 26, 2012

Key West and a little more...

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the new Blogger layout.  Ekkk...kinda different.

I'm a little late on updating.  I have been insanely busy and Cedric has felt under the weather.  So trying to work from home with a sick kid is not an easy task.

 Updates in random form

- I need more's good for the soul.  I miss the ocean...and I miss the sun.  It's not the same here in Kentucky.

- I'm really not in the Derby spirit.

- I have started working out again...aka...go to the gym and eat ice cream when I come home.  I don't feel as guilty that way ; )

- I have a LONG list of things to do.  I have a BUNCH of photo shoots coming up and a wedding to shoot this weekend.

- I'm blessed with two beautiful little men in my life. I love these guys so much.  I'm also blessed with a great partner.  I kinda gave him a little hell this week.  I shall blame my hormones...but it's nice to have a guy who looks the other way when I'm a little nuts ; ) pictures we go... {Warning the pictures are out of order}

I have a special place in my heart for lighthouses.

I swear I want an old plantation house in the south!!! I'd love to open up a B&B. Plausible dream I keep telling myself.

 On the road to Key West.

My little sand monkeys.

These guys could play all day in the sand.

 My water baby.  He LOVES to swim. 

Gator watching. 

Cedric has now entered into the loving cuddlebug phase. I LOVE IT!!!  

The resort we stayed at.

You know what they say about freckles?  A face without freckles is like a nights sky without stars.
I love my little guys...(hate my own though...hahahaa...the hubs loves them though.)

Cedric declared himself a PIRATE and let everyone know. 

Sleepy prince.

My keyboard is deciding to die now.  Lovely...just something else to add to the long list of things to replace. Have a great night!

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