Monday, March 26, 2012


The dining room is FINALLY Done!  The wainscoting is installed, painted and the ceiling is complete. The room is now officially ready to start decorating. I am EXHAUSTED!!!  My right arms is hurting from painting all the trim and my head is killing me from allergies but I'm smiling because it's done :  )  The room looks AWESOME!!!  I'll update some pics once it's cleaned up.  I'm too tired for that drama tonight.  Eric did a fabulous job on the wainscoting!!!  It wasn't the easiest job since our walls are not completely square.  Today I kept making stupid touching the white paint on the flat gray ceiling...eeeekkk...hurrying trying to clean it up only to be left with a spot I had to repaint.  I hate when I'm tired and I paint.  I usually make a HUGE mess...which I did. I go to bed...tomorrow may follow with an interesting blog update...stay tuned ; )

Have a great night.

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