Sunday, April 15, 2012

::Operation Update::

Ok, I've been gone for the past week to the lovely state of Florida.  Staying at a boutique resort has lit a fire under my butt for updating this house!!!  Next project....lights!!!  I LOVED the lighting in the room we stayed in.  So operation recessed lights shall now commence ; ) My wonderful Hubby did a fantastic job on the ones in our bedroom.  But I want them in the hallways, family room and office : )))))  I'm exited!!!  

Florida was awesome!!!  I know every parent says their kids rock...but mine TOTALLY do : )  They were the best!!!  No whining, or crying fits to and from Florida.  Cedric had moments of not being happy. But for a 2.5 year old...he had no tantrums. OMG I'm blessed.  We did Disney, St. Augustine, Florida Keys and Fort Myers.  I'm wiped out.  I'll do a real update with pictures soon to follow.  I'm just happy to be home : )

Now back to reality.  I have a house to clean, party to attend, office to organize (I start work Monday), and clothes to wash.  But I shall start off with uploading pics : )  I got some great shots!!!  This is a awesome picture of my son being held by my husband waiting in line to ride dumbo.

When I zoomed in I noticed the Dumbo ride in the reflection of his eyes. 

Have a lovely Sunday guys : )

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