Sunday, March 11, 2012


Sorry for being M.I.A. for a while.  I've been insanely busy.  Having two kids will do that to you.

I think,or shall I say knock on wood, things are slowing down for us.  The past month has been jam packed with events and things that have kept us busy from sun up to sun down.  Yesterday was the pinewood derby for the cub scouts.  The boys had fun and I think their fathers had even more fun ; )  It's funny because all the parents really make the kids cars, so it's entertaining to see their reactions of the races.

Cedric LOVED watching the cars race.  It's funny because all the boys treat Ceddy like their little mascot or pet and love all over him.  Surprisingly they are really gentle and kind to him.  A couple of the boys pushed him around in his mini car.  He LOVED it.  Eric and I were in charge of the event.  He's in charge of the track and all the race stuff...I was in charge of decor and food ; )  My specialty.

The arcade expo was awesome and we had a blast.  I shot some pics each day of it for a friend.  Eric worked the whole weekend at it as well.  Here is the FB link to their site...

You can see more photos I took under their photo albums.  It was a really fun event and great family outing.

Business is picking up and this Spring I plan on it being INSANE.  So Yay!

We are planing our trip to Disney and the Florida Keys soon...yay!!!  I need the beach and Mickey asap : )

I have to kick into HIGH GEAR for Spen's birthday party.  He really wants a Harry Potter party at needless to say...I start tomorrow crafting, planning and shopping. So much to do and really no time.  Funnnn...I also, have to finish all the projects going on in this house as to house a party in it.

Two great things happened today...I got to hang out with my friends and finish my Harry Potter plate!!!  I swear it took a small eternity for me to finish painting my plate.  I can pick it up next weekend and I am excited to see what it will look like after it has been fired.


I refused to paint them because I knew I would never replace them if I did.  My WHOLE family room's trim was that wood color.  I painted it all white...but left the doors as reminder to myself.  I have wanted glass french doors since we moved in.  So I have been working on this project...sanding, priming, painting...and repeating...and today...they were ready to be hung!!! (Of course after my lovely hubby cut out the door hinge spaces for them...thank you Eric!!!)

Hello....Beautiful ones!!!

I still need to clean the glass fully and finish scrapping the paint out of all the corners.  Not to mention put the door knobs on...but they are up and they are beautiful!!!  I absolutely LOVE them. It has changed the space so dramatically and added so much charm along with better lighting into both rooms. I'll take a better pic when they are completely finished.  I'm super happy with the outcome.  This has inspired me to make some more drastic changes...stay tuned ; )

Have great week!!!


Brooke Becker said...

Stopping by to give you a follow via Monday Mom blog!

LOVE the doors - a little paint can go a long way!

Sunny Vanilla said...

Stopping by for a follow over at the mom blog party hop. We have a little girl, so I'm not sure if she'll be into cars, but I'm kinda hoping she is because your pics look like a lot of fun ;-)