Friday, March 23, 2012


Sometimes it seems I take one step forward and 5 steps backwards. 'Tis life!  I had  a major color mishap in my dining room.  The walls were done (minus touch ups) and the ceiling was primed with a tinted primer. I LOVED the shade of the primer but for some unknown reason while at Lowes I decided to go with a different shade.  A "lighter" shade.  Well, one whole coat of the ceiling later I discovered I HATED the color.  It had too much blue in the grey I had picked out.  The color of  grey on the walls has more of a brown tone to it and with the two painted next to each other you could TOTALLY tell they in no way shape or form complemented each other.  So needless to say, I went back to Lowes and purchased the correct paint color and now my ceiling is done. YAY!  Now comes the oh so lovely part of painting the trim and doing touch ups.  Oy vey!!!!

But I am VERY happy to share that the wainscoting is going up and looking AWESOME!!!

{Listed are the things I still need to do}

Now to finish the rest of the walls!!!  All the credit shall be given to my husband on this endeavor.  He rocks with measurements and power tools. 

More house projects on the horizon....

I want to continue the wood floors in the dining room.  But I'm super excited to for the entry and kitchen.  I have bounced so many ideas around and honestly, have put it off because the draw backs of certain selections.  But I have finally (so far anyway) settled on a black and white diamond pattern tile.  I really like the look of high gloss larger tiles.  Something similar to this...

This is the idea this week anyway...hehehehee...sadly, I'm notorious for changing my mind :(

We have more projects for the outside this year too.  I will be sooooooo happy when we are DONE!!!  I'm so tired of updating and working on this house!!!

I have to get ready to go meet a client with that said have a great weekend guys!!!

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