Sunday, August 9, 2009

Clean...clean...and some more cleaning...

I'm so tired. Eric and I have cleaned all day. We kicked spens toy rooms ass. Now it shall become the nursery. We need to empty the closet and take spens computer out of there and we will be done. I need to go and buy a new computer desk for spens room...preferably a much smaller one.

Spen is dreading school. He's not very excited about this year. I've tried to pump it up to him. But he's smart, and can see through my charade. I think he'll enjoy this the home work is another story.

We are going to buy our floors this week. I'm excited. We went and picked everything out and did the measurements and all that jazz. Soon I shall have hardwood floors...yay. I need to also buy my crib bedding this week. I need to use it to decide on the color of the room. I have an idea...but I want a perfect match. I'm super stoked about starting the baby's room.

ok...eric is home with ice cream sandwiches and a be continued.

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