Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So when it rains it pours....

Last night..after spen's visitation with phil, my car wouldn't start. It was lighting off in the distance, and the storm was coming up on us fast. I was beyond freaked. I was hoping it was something easily fixed...and perferrably before the storm hit. Our luck lately has not been so fair. Thank God it was just the battery and some nice people were there to jump it for me. Eric came over from his work and took care of the car business. I think I might have left the car on or something when I went in to get spen. Who knows... pregnancy head is annoying.

We bought spen his new desk and chair. He likes it..always a plus.

I need to cut spens hair...and go to his orientation. I hate that I'm not signing up for room mother this year. I know...so? But I love throwing the kids parties..I'll just have to help out. I don't want to be in the hospital or almost there when it's their halloween party.

I"m sooo excited...we are kicking this houses ass. I need to spackle some holes in the nursery and go buy my crib bedding. Then off to lowes to buy some paint. I'm super giddy about this. I know Eric is not looking forward to painting. I'm not..I'm just looking forward to it being done. We need to go order the wood floors. After all the painting is done...I'm going to get the carpet cleaned up stairs. Hopefully, it will cut back on allergies and it will be better for both spen and the baby.

I can't wait to decorate the nursery. I'm silly and get excited over matching fabrics and mixing color palettes.

I plan on doing maternity shots very soon. I have some ideas in my head...now how to make them come to life without looking dumb? That's the true test.

Pointless blog..and I'm starving..so off to make lunch I go.

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