Friday, September 7, 2012

New design wants...

Ok, I had a light bulb go off in my head yesterday while shopping at World Market.  Between having to distract my two year old from knocking every bottle off the shelf and trying to find cute buys it dawned on me.  I'm totally digging the old world look. Old World as in industrial chic....not the store in the mall during the 90's that all our moms and grandma's went nuts for. I'm talking about  the rustic aged looking pieces. The industrial chic has crept up on me and I am head over heels.  While running my hands over a dining room table I noticed the dents, scratches and magically fell in love.  They added character to the pieces.  I have two boys and a clumsy hubby. I drank the kool-aid and am a World Market fan.  I still love super modern pieces, but they don't fair very well in my house.  They break, get stained or broken.  Give me the rustic wood and I shall dance a jig for you!  I have found stuff I like and plan on buying soon ; )   

Yes, doesn't everyone need a drafting table?

I must find a home for these curtains in my house...asap! 

I really really like this table. For some many reasons...but mainly because it seems pretty sturdy.  I'm sure my boys would be wheeling each other around sitting on top of it. And as in boys I mean my husband and kids   ; )

On the fence about the cherry blossom painting...

Love this table! 

 On the fence about this.  I'm SUPER picky when it comes to art. Dang all those art classes for making me an art snob!

New art project!!! I totally did not come up with this idea and I shall give props to another blog I follow Sara's Closet (I hate when people don't give their sources anyhoo)   My WM did not have the papers she used : ( or even had in the I found this lovely paper with a perfect shade of pink for the office : )

Lastly, I'll end with my sweet little men.  These two love to snuggle and love each other so much. Last night my heart melted while I was in my office.  Typing away for work I could here chit chat coming from my oldest son's room.  He has a bunk bed and my youngest has decided to set up camp in there.  I stopped typing to listen to what they were saying and they were telling each other goodnight and that they loved each other. Awwww...sweetness! 

Have a great weekend guys!!!

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