Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Happy Walls!!!

Ok...I have been wanting something fun to stare at while I work daily in my office. Blank walls kill a creative spirit and honestly, bore me.  So with the help of my lovely husband I created his and hers gallery ledges.  Filled them with fun inspiring photos and quotes.  Yes, Boba Fett inspires my hubby.  He is a die hard Star Wars fan.  So over each of our computers we have a little inspiration for the day : )

Below is a quick DIY of how we made these cheap bad boys : ) 

My inspiration was this:

Holman Shelf

This is from Pottery Barn and for the price tag of $79..not something I was feeling.  Especially, since I needed FOUR of them.  Ouch on my crafty budget!!!  I live by the philosophy: while the kids are still young, I will not buy anything that I will cry over if it gets broken; because with two crazy boys in the house...EVERYTHING runs the chance of getting broken.

Ok...let's make those ledges!

Step One: 
Get excited on the drive to Lowes. As you can see my excitement has spread throughout the car and my son in the back can barely withhold his excitement. Yeah...I'm a nerd and no one gets pumped for home projects but me; )

 Step Two:
 Finding straight wood! Lowes had a pretty good selection.  Also, it's imperative that you pick up two paint sticks for your kids...let them sword fight while you aimlessly stroll down the aisles looking like a crazy person searching for said straight wood.

Step Three:
Find someone who is not terrified of things that can cut their fingers off and have them cut the wood to size for you.  Props to my husband and his lack of fear ; ) FYI: this step can be modified if you do not have irrational fears of power tools and can cut the wood yourself...then props to you!!

Step Four:
Sand Baby sand.  It helps if you have a fabulous mani to do so ; ) Be sure everything is smooth and dust free for painting.

Step Five:
Use wood glue to adhere the pieces together.

Step Six:
Clamp the pieces together and wipe up any glue that appears.

Step Seven:
Nail the pieces together. This will add strength and again...it helps if you have someone who is not afraid of things that can shoot their eyes out.  Gotta love irrational fears and a husband willing to help you ; )

Step Eight:
Put this lovely ledges in the sun to dry!

Step Nine:
While letting your ledges dry, find a crazy kid who loves to try your patience by pretending to fall off his swing set when you ask for a simple smile for the camera. Gotta love toddlers!

Step Ten:
Prime, and paint. And paint some more.  Here is a family secret...I'm not allowed to spray paint.  I have a lead hand on a trigger and somehow EVERYTHING I paint will have a drip.  My husband has spray paint OCD.  He stalks his projects. As you will see...

Me stalking my husband, stalking the ledges.

 Step Eleven:
I do not have a photo of this; but give up on using spray paint because it disappears between coats.  The wood insanely sucks it up.  So I broke out the good ole' white paint, brush and foam roller.  Worked like a charm.  I also forgot to mention to fill in and sand your nail holes.  Smooth finishes is the goal.

Step Twelve:
Hang your ledge. We used a stud finder and simply screwed them in.  I then went over the screws with caulk and white paint for a seamless finish. 

  (Sorry for the crappy photo) 
I searched high and low for white frames and actually found some modern ones at Walmart. Happy with a good deal and I love their shape! 

I then put together some fun and funky graphics I found on pinterest and google. Played around in photoshop with them and tada...our Happy Happy walls : )

 It was a labor of love and really was a pretty cheap project!  Many thanks to my husband on this project!!!


My Meddling Mind said...

This came out really nice, you both did well and the photos are great. :)


Michael Gagel said...

Wow, that was a terrific project. It all came out really nice. It seemed you all had a blast doing it.


~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks guys!