Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Fact Thursday...

- After going to an ENT yesterday and being told all my headaches and sinus issues are due to TMJ, I feel a little bit crazy. Not full on cray cray but...crazy for not realizing it sooner.

- I have watched way too many episodes of animal hoarders today.  So much that Cedric stopped playing with his toys and told me he didn't like doggies. heheheheeehe...

- I am now officially going to get into shape...starting tomorrow...yes...tomorrow...

- I rushed all morning getting the boys ready for camp...part of me is jealous I was left behind, the other part is too lazy to want to deal with kiddo campers. Ha. Been there did that...and my head doesn't feel like it today.

- I am on the hunt for white frames. Lots of white frames for my photo ledges.

- I want to make some family art for my gallery hallway...I'll work on that "tomorrow"

- I tried doing yoga with Cedric tonight.  It was rather interesting to say the least.  He laughed and did everything I did to his best toddler ability.  It was super cute.

- I mastered the fishtail braid tonight.  It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't want to get off the couch : )

- I have a guilty pleasure of visiting gossip websites and my jaw did drop when I read what stone faced Kristen Stewart did. Gasp...clutching chest...didn't see that coming.  Poor Cedric Diggory...maybe now he'll not mess with twitchy muggles...yes, I'm a nerd. I just personally cannot get past her awkwardness.  I get so uncomfortable just watching her on screen...I honestly have only seen one Twilight movie. I refused to watch anymore. I never will understand why people cheat, especially on hot boyfriends...sheessshhhh..karma is a Bitch who takes names and waits for the right moment to strike.
- I'm craving the beach...I need a beach right about now...but my bed will have to do ; )

Pointless update have a fantastical Thursday night.

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Hot Mama said...

I have TMJ, too. Glad you found the source of the miserable symptoms!