Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I stumbled onto our Day Out With Thomas photos and had to share one of my favorites : ) 

Here are a few photos from last week...

More photos to come of Ceddy and his preschool : )

A really blurry photo of mom trying to be stealth like and snap a photo while Spen entered his class.  All while trying to keep Ceddy out of Spen's class. 

Spen was excited and so was Cedric.  Cedric thought he was going to school too.

(Tis that time of year again...pop corn selling time.  I HATE this time) Any cub scout parent knows the loathe this time of year.

I felt bad for the boys.  No one wanted to answer their door.  I personally do not blame them ; )

We were a caravan of fun...or a hot mess. 

I love how involved my hubby is with the kids.  No hands off parenting for him : ) Even if it means walking door to door in the heat.

Cedric kept wanting to sell with the boys. 

So we let him. One problem though...Cedric would yell buy popcorn and try to run into their houses...yeah...not the best strategy.

All in all the boys managed to sell some.  The moms of pack and along with some of my friends are all planning on getting together and making survival bracelets for the boys to sell too.  This pop corn stuff is for the birds!
- Wishing all my followers a great week!  I promise more blog entries to come : )

It's exciting to have people from my blog and twitter accounts actually contacting me through email!  If you ever have a question feel free to write!!! I'm a nerd and love any form of socializing.  The lovely life of a a SAHM.  Have a great week!

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