Monday, August 20, 2012

School House Rock...


School is about to start. Spen is half heartedly excited. Only half. We met with his teacher last week. She seemed super sweet and I have heard really good things about her.  I have a feeling this will be a great year for him. It is amazing how fast my sweet little guy has grown into a tall lanky boy.  He's too cool for all the excitement for school. Its funny though, no matter how big he gets he still crawls up on my lap and cuddles. Sure he'd love to see that typed out. But I'm proud my little guy cuddles still, gives hugs and kisses.  He tells me he loves me all the time. I love it! My family are huge huggers and love tellers.  We all aren't too cool for that...hopefully my boys will stay that way.

Cedric received his letter from his teacher this weekend. It was super cute! He is beyond excited. He talks about school all the time.  It will kill me leaving him on the first day of preschool, but it will be good for him. That's the hard part about parenting, knowing what is good for your child and putting on your game face. Putting aside your emotions and letting your child discover the world. No tears during drop off, now on the ride home...a different story. Although, this is not my first time at the rodeo and I have personally seen how much my oldest learned from preschool. Its hard driving off. He loved it though and learned so much.  It is amazing how different kids are when parents are not around. It is funny to see how they play and listen. They learn to socialize and interact with others on a different level. A level this AP mom can't let him do. Hehehehee, I'm a helicopter mom, guilty. Fears: I'm not worried about the teachers there. My friend is good friends with his teacher and I know another teacher at the school. Most of the teachers or aids are friends of friends.  Where I live is a small town atmosphere.  My main concern is what every rational mom fears, him being scared.  It would break my heart knowing he was freaked out. Here is another parent call. Knowing what your child needs. Each child is different, and has different needs. Cedric is a social butterfly.  He loves kids and people. He needs the interaction. Honestly, he probably will flash me the peace sign and dart off to play. Ha. This is an exciting chapter in his life. I treat this like he is going away to college. Nope, three hours, one day a week....hehehehehe.  but he is my baby... I know this is silly, but my goal as a parent is to instill in my children the courage and confidence I lack sometimes.  I want my boys to be confident kind men.  I think sometimes parents put their own personal fears onto their children. Kids are little sponges that soak up the good and bad attitudes we carry. So come the first day of school for both boys smiles will be had for all. Mom and Dad included. No tears, but only smiles and high fives!

Class for mom too. I start my first design class next month. I decided to take the Illustrator class instead of InDesign. I am excited and nervous...aka a ball of energy. I need to figure out a schedule and stick with it. I also need to start back at the gym. Not happy with the weight I've gained. Going to make life changes...what better time than now.

We went to Otter Creek this weekend.  The older boys shot guns and bows while Cedric and I explored.  They have remodeled and have a nice range there.  I did attempt to shoot a bow and arrow. Ha...let's just say I'd have a better chance hitting a target if I closed my eyes. I royally sucked.

Fingers crossed, my braces might come off this month!!! I will know next week 😁 to sleep. Have a great week!!! Ps typing this on a tablet and at 1am, so sorry for any craziness among the lines.

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