Friday, July 20, 2012

Being sick is for the birds..

(My BFF)

I have been fighting a bad ear infection this past week.  I have horrific allergies and decided to go swimming when my allergies flared up.  Not a good choice.  So one Z-pack later I still have fluid and pressure in my ears. Sheeshhhh...I hate ALLERGIES!!!  I'm one of those nerdy people who have to cut the grass in a mask and am practically allergic to the outside.  Inside too.  Dust, name..I'm allergic to it.  It sucks, my son inherited my bad allergies.  Poor kid.

I plan on doing my nightly ritual of benadryl and ibuprofen.  So romantic ; ) Maybe a cotton ball in each ear to spice it up ; )

My braces may be coming off next month!!!  Yay!!! I'm excited...and so ready for a good bleaching.  Movie star teeth here I come.

We took Cedric to to the doctor today. There was a huge mess up at the scheduling place and we were told to go to the downtown office.  Nope...we walked in and they informed us to go the east end office  The one not very far from where I live.  Tis life.  The gastro doctor was super nice.  Cedric was a holy terror.  Eric was able to get off work and come with me. He helped keep Cedric from escaping while I talked with the doctor. Long story short he doesn't want to do a scope until he's older.  He thinks his med's are working just fine and he told us to put him on a low acid diet. Eric and I talked and we are going to cancel Cedric's ENT scope.  His voice is almost back to normal, and a lot of his symptoms have gone away. I really do not want to sedate Cedric unless he has to be.  I also, did not like the carefree idea of taking his tonsils out. Knock on wood..but Cedric has never had an ear infection or throat infection.  That is something we will wait and see until he is older. At 2...he's still too little. Eric and I were terrified he would hemorrhage. The kids screams and yells non stop.  He loves to sing and be loud. I couldn't see him understanding not to yell.  I'm glad my husband listens to my fears and feels the same. We are a team when it comes to the kids and always try to be on the same page.  Sheeshhh...this mom job is hard and full of tough decisions.

The boys are getting ready for camp.  Spen is excited and so it Eric.  They're both going away to father and son cub scout camp.  It's cute how they both are so excited.  Spen is over the moon with excitement.  My boys are blessed to have such a loving father. mom worries have creeped in.  Ticks, sunburns, swimming pools and dehydration.  I random.  I trust my husband...I'm just a nervous ninny when it comes to those things.  Spen had a tick on him a few months back.  He was so calm.  Eric calmly removed it as well. He removed it with such precision and smoothness.  I was on the verge of passing out just being in the same room as the tick.  I HATE TICKS!!!  I have been a camp counselor, hiked, and worked outdoors.  I love the outdoors...I just despise ticks. I also worry about the heat and their intake of water.  I'm a nerd.  It's probably good that I am not going.  Eric has this ability to give the boys enough wiggle room to grow into men.  Not pushing them, or neglecting them.  Just standing in the shadow watching them discover things on their own terms.  I'm the helicopter mom who swoops in way too often. It's funny...he has bought Spen his first official knife and bow and arrow set....I still cut up Spen's steak for him and pick out his clothes.I like to think it's a nice combination of crazy for the boys. to bed I go.  Pointless update.  Hopefully, I will be feeling better by morning!


Eric Pullen said...

No worries about the swimming pool, we will be doing only lake swimming!! :P I am curious how the boys will react to deep lake water where the can't see their feet.

~Nikki Pullen said...

They will freak out!