Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So where have I been you ask?

- Working...working some more and working a little more after that.

- I'm currently in the middle of overhauling the office. (Nothing like a little water leak to inspire you)

- I started a gallery wall in the hallway. Not sure how I feel about it.  I don't like frames within arms reach of my kids...and they can totally reach them. I need to hit up hobby lobby for some accessories.

- I had an abundance of frames left over after I took them down from my dining room and office so I put some up in my master bath.  I really am loving how they look. I was afraid they would get broken if I did not find a home on a wall for them soon.

- My hours will be increased to 15 next week for work.  (new floors hello!)

- I need to be swimming asap!

- I've been beyond stressed.  My camera broke while I was shooting a wedding this past weekend.  Talk about heart attack city!!!  I have a great friend/assistant who kept me grounded and I shot with her camera.  I had Eric drop off my back up.  I did a huge no no and had left my back up camera at home.  Lesson learned!  I sent off my camera to canon and am terrified how $$$ the repair will be.  Fingers crossed not too much!

- I'm excited Eric and I finally am going to get a date night this weekend.  It's been ages sadly since we have been able to go out.  I have no idea what we will do.  Possible trek own floyds fork and take a picnic lunch. Who knows...

- I need to build some floating shelves for the office.  I'm not digging the ones I've been finding out at stores.

- I need to have Eric cut the shelf for the kitchen.  I have a bunch of projects for in there.

- I have to plan my friends bridal shower.

- I'm freaking out over Cedric possibly having surgery.

- I think my mom heard how stressed out I am in my voice.  She offered to watch the kids for me.  I get to have a day to myself.  I'm amazed. to figure out dinner and help Eric paint the theater room....I'm so over painting! 

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