Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy busy meeeeee...

This week has been one too many trips to all my local crafts shops trying to come up with a craft idea for Spen's class Valentine Day party.  I settled on making rockets.

...Love rockets....

Follow the link to the free print off and tutorial.  I am doing a spin on these and using Valentine themed paper with glitter cones.  But, nonetheless adorable.

I need to contact some parents for's always at the last minute people donate.

I had a pin up photo shoot tonight.  It turned out awesome!!!   I love fun photo shoots.  I need to have the pics edited asap.

We filed our taxes and plan to go to Disney World with the returns.  Isn't that what everyone does? Heh. Spencer is excited and Cedric loves Mickey a win win situation.

I GOT MY FRENCH DOORS!!!  They are waiting patiently for me to come prime and paint them.  So is my dining room...I have too many projects going on.  It was kinda funny.  I had the doors set up to be primed.  Then I discovered I was out of primer.  Duuuhhhhh...oh well...yet another weekend project.

Spencer's birthday is just around the corner along with pinewood derby and blue and gold.  Palm to forehead...I'm tired.  I have a lovely head cold to top it off and loads to do.

Off to edit pictures I go...have a great night guys.

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