Monday, February 13, 2012

{Star Wars Valentine Craft}

This weekend has been insane with craft overload.  I'm in charge of my sons Valentine class party and I wanted them to do something a little different this year.  A little different as in not just handing out Valentines. I found an awesome idea on a teaching forum.  Instead of passing out multiple valentines, I had the teacher let the kids come up with a nice sentence about each child in the class.  She sent them home with my son and my friend and I typed them up.  I plan on cutting them out and putting all the sentences about each child in envelopes.  The kids will draw names and be given the envelopes with the sentences then secretly  work on a giant valentine card for the name they drew.  I bought a bunch of stickers and other Valentine decorations for their Valentines. After everyone is done each child will take turns presenting their Valentine to the person they drew. It was funny reading what all the kids had written about each other.


Then I fabricated 24 rocket packets. I didn't realize how time consuming this would be.  Everything had to be pre-cut and sorted into24 bags.  Sheeshhhhh.  I plan on having the kids make this rocket.

I took the idea and changed it up from a tutorial I found on pinterest.

Hopefully, the kids have fun and like making them.

Now onto the BIG project.  Spen had to construct a Valentine mailbox.  We searched online and tried to figure out what he wanted.  Then he decided upon R2D2!!!  So we spent most of yesterday painting and waiting for paint to dry.  But here is the finished product!!!  So adorable!!!  

 The back has an opening where valentines can be slipped through.  Tonight my husband and son are going to add music to it.  It's going to play the opening song to Star Wars.

To make this we glued a bowl (dollar tree) and an old coffee tub/canister together.  Primed and spray painted the top and bottoms.  Since it's a coffee tub, the top comes off and makes for MUCH easier painting and he can retrieve his Valentines : )

We cut out and glued foamcore together for his legs.

Here you can really see how it's set up.

Eric taped off the top so I could paint it.  Spencer spray painted it and helped me paint the blue accents.

Eric being silly painting in his pjs.  He was in charge of the metallic spray paint...I have lead fingers and would leave streaks ; )

We then printed out his little control panel on his chest and glued it on. (Thank God for Google Image)

Spen was over the moon with how it turned out.  We added little hearts and springs because it is Valentines day after all ; )

I have a busy week ahead. Parties and meetings.  We have a meeting with our sons pediatrician to discuss some issues and hopefully, find out what is up. I'm really hoping we figure out what is going on and a plan of action can come forth from the meeting.  I'll update more once I figure out what's up.  Fingers crossed we will!!!


Joe's blog said...

This is fantastic! I'm a big SW fan! I love it!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks!!! My boys (hubby and kids) are HUGE SW fans too. I hope you had a fantastic Valentines day!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! My 6 year old loves SW. One question... how did your husband add music to it?

~Nikki Pullen said...

He took the inside parts of a SW greeting card that played music. He added a switch to it, so it could be turned on and off.

Anonymous said...

that looks amazing! My son is a huge star Wars fan too and wants to make this exact same box. What is the black stuff on the edges of the legs?

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks! It's magic marker. I just outlined the lines of what R2D2 would have around the edges. Good luck and I hope your son enjoys his Valentine box : )