Friday, February 17, 2012

Projects Projects Projects...

I have a LONG to do list sitting in front of me for this weekend.

In no particular order this weekends events...

- Baby shower (I still need to buy a gift..oooppsss)
- Birthday Party (I yet again still need to buy a gift)
- Get in some gym time...I have fallen off the work out wagon : (
- CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN some more.
- Repaint my stairway.  I need to schedule a time for the painters to come in and paint my ceiling.
- Finish painting my glass french doors.  I HATEEEEEEEE painting around glass.

There is still have plastic covering the actual glass...hence my lackadaisical approach to fine lines. I primed one door and now I need to sand it and put actual paint on it. Then onto door number 2!  It's a royal pain in the a@s.  But, I know I will be happy when they are done so it's so worth the work.  Hopefully, they will be installed this weekend. Eric has to cut the space out for the hinges. EEEkkkk. Once the doors are installed all the door knobs and hinges will be bronze in the house!!!  A small victory considering this house is huge.  Minus the main entries and basement doors.  I'll figure something out.  It's driving me nuts not having all the handles match.  I know it's such a silly problem...but I have mild OCD tendencies so it's the little details that drive me insane.  I'm not worrying about the basement doors just yet because we are going to reconfigure the basement so I'll have to wait to see what we decide to do.  Eric is DETERMINED to have a hidden door/bookcase.  So who knows what it will look like down there. 

- This weekend I also have to drive around Louisville and take pictures for a friend.  Kinda hard to explain, but a friend is putting on the Louisville Retro Gaming Expo and he has given me an assignment to document two little robots hanging out at different Louisville landmarks.  I think it will be fun and it's a cute idea. to finish painting I go...hopefully, I will be done soon!  I can't wait for our Vacation to Key West and Disney soon!!!  I miss the sun and the beach!!!  I'm so looking forward to seeing Cedric's reaction to Mickey Mouse and to ride a roller coaster with Spen.  Yay for tax returns!!!  

Have a great weekend guys!!!

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