Monday, January 30, 2012

Belated Update...Super long

I have been insanely busy the past few weeks.  From editing pics to deciding to paint my dining room on a whim.  Below is a list of random updates that have been sucking my attention away from my blog ; )

- Ok, photography...I love it...but it's kinda hard to do when you have a kid attached to your hip.  I have not been pushing or marketing my business.  I've taken the approach if business comes to me, then great.  If not...then great ; )  I've have a lot of people contacting me lately so...great.  But with that said...I've been busy.  I have some new ideas for my business and am excited about this adventure.  It's kinda fell into my lap.  Here are a few pics from my last photo shoot for candid head-shots for a local company.

All the people I shot were super sweet and fun to work with.  A definite PLUS.  

-  I've been taking Cedric to soccer a few times a week.  OMG This child LOVESSSSS to play soccer.  And also, throw the ball at other children's heads.  So, needless to say I get a workout.

Cedric is no where near the coach...he's in the background with the grey hoodie throwing the ball into the net.  I was wasn't at another child's head ; )  I made the mistake last week of getting Cedric pumped for story hour.    Walking into the library he was over the moon with excitement.  Then we were hit with a wall of children and parents spilling out of the door way of the story hour room.  Yeah, no way in H E double hockey sticks was I going to brace that story hour.  It was PACKED.  So packed some parents were crowded around the door and the hallway.  So I picked my little guy up...who was now kicking, crying and screaming play play. I lowered my head and did the mommy walk of shame to the car.  All the way people stared, and fellow mommies told me they "remembered those days", smiled and would look down shaking their heads.  All while secretly, I knew they were telling themselves...better you then me...hehehheee... So with a kid screaming and going bat sh*t crazy in the back seat of my car...I drove to soccer and the world was made right again : )  Two soccer adventures for last week : )  I'm on a mission this week to find a not so crowded story hour.  

- Groupon...oh how I love thee.  I have bought 3 groupons so far and redeemed zero.  I need to make the time to use them.  I did score an AWESOOMMMMMMEEEE one for a $600 value of interior house painting for $70.  I'm wanting my ceiling painted and trim.  I despise painting trim...which leads me to my next distraction. 

I woke up last week and decided to paint.  I had bought the primer awhile ago, but was lacking the energy and drive to actually get to it.  Then something ignited in me and I painted, sanded and primed with fury.

Below are crappy cell phone pics of my dining room.  I was over the stripes.  It was fun while they lasted but I was tired of not being able to change things up in there.  Soooooo...I painted.

After sanding and priming, I discovered you could still see the lines.  I have OCD to a degree, and this would not work in my I used joint compound and sanded some more...oy vey!!!

So it was ready for paint...

This picture do not do the color justice.  It's a beautiful color.  Here is a better pic of it  (This is someone else's bathroom..heheheee, thanks google)

I also am adding wainscoting.  I had planned on doing that this weekend...which leads me to my next update...

- Nikki and Eric Date...laaaaaa...and the clouds parted and angels sang.  My mom randomly called and asked to watch the kids out of the blue and I gladly accepted.  We RARELY get alone time.  So we went to the movies.  I'm not sure...hell may have frozen over...but it was a nice day spent with my hubby.

We found a fun restaurant was super cute!!!  It's an old gas station turned restaurant.  ADORABLE!!!

(At night these cars move back and forth while crashing into each other.)

I tried nonchalantly to take pics...I had to be a cool hipster and not break out my phone...duh.  All that was missing was my horn-rimed glasses.

Too cute!!!  I always swoon over the little details : )

I loved the decor and chairs!!!

Then the soccer mom in me, was all like this would be perfect for a kids birthday party if they really liked cars and racing.  Then I saw the bill and then the cheapass in me was way ; )

The date was a much needed kid free time with Eric.  We shopped, went the movies and actually had a meal with out having to cut up someones food.  Pure bliss : )

My next update...

- I have some of the best friends life has to offer.  We do silly things and get ourselves into silly situations...and usually if sweets are promised they will be down for anything.  Long story short I bought a buffet off craigslist and my wonderful sidekick Sarah joined me in this adventure.  The two of us are the craziest nervous moms you will meet.  So paired together we make a very comical team of neurotic over exaggerated paranoia's out of everyday events.  One would think checking out a buffet from a seller on craiglist would not be such a hard task.  But we planned on preventing being kidnapped, raped or sold on the black market as slaves....hehehehee.  I'm not even going to lie, I brought a knife which I had no idea how to use...we wore jeans because we told ourselves they are much harder to take off and sported tennis shoes...easier to get away in.  We had filled our minds with every scenario that could go down and when we walked to the door nervously bracing ourselves, we were greeted with a man who was shorter then me...hehehehehe....and super sweet.  I'm only 5'3.  He was holding a tiny cute dog.  Turns out he goes to auctions and sells his buys on craigslist.  So I got an awesome buffet for cheap and Sarah got to play with an adorable puppy.  No kidnapping occurred and we did not have to use our ninja moves or date rape whistle. (kidding about the whistle..I think...I never know what Sarah has)

This is being housed in the hallway until the dining room is done ; )

-  Cub Scouts...  The week before last we had a visit to the police station...

Cedric was not happy being in his stroller...he wanted to be free with the other boys...

So much to and gold along with the pinewood derby is coming up and I'm helping plan both these along with Spen's class Valentine party.  Insert swift kick in the rear end to finish all the details on these events.  This is what I will be up to this week.  FUNNNNNNN.  Along with planning my next craft night out.  

Ok...I've updated to get started on my day.  I have a lot of emails to reply to and cleaning to do.

Have a great week guys!!!


Joe's blog said...

Thank you :-)
I still love my new hair.

I follow your blog from my BlackBerry and can't comment from it (it doesn't work, dunno why.) but now I'm at my computer (little break from work) to drop a line.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

As for me I'm followed by bad luck.
Since the beginning of this year I had 3 accidents with my car, I burned my favorite cap, was battered by a student and yesterday I had to drop everything at work and speed to the kindergarten to pick up Sam because the kindergartner called me - Sam had very strong nosebleed after being battered by a child from his group. I try to document our crazy life on YT now because I want to have something to laugh and remember when I'm retired. I'd love to see some of your daily life in a video too :-)

~Nikki Pullen said...

I hate to hear about your bad luck!!! I also hate hearing about you two being battered!!! Fingers crossed your year gets better!!! I'll start following you on YT. Sending you warm hugs and wishes for a great weekend!!!