Monday, October 3, 2011

This and that...

For starters, I have a love hate relationship with my family primary care physician.  I LOVE her...but so does everyone else in the city.  Therefore she is double booked this whole it looks like I will be making yet again another trip to urgent care.  I'm pretty sure my allergy mess has gone into a full fledged ear infection.  NO fun.  My headache comes and goes.  I need to make an appointment with an ENT because I keep getting ear infections.  My luck I probably need tubes.  I don't have time to be in pain...this is the busiest month out of the year for me.

Ok, camping...where should I begin?  Humm...well, it felt amazing out. I LOVE camping when the weather has a crispness to it and cold nights.  On the flip side...I don't like it for my toddler who refuses to wear a hat and kicks covers off. (Needless to say the whole night I spent starring at him making sure he was bundled up) I had a great time until it started getting dark and the fires were started.  Cedric is not a child who likes to be held.  He also saw all the other little boys playing, so he wanted to join in with them.  I refused to let him run around and that is where my trouble began. I should have gone home when it got dark....but  I had to take Spencer home early in the morning.  He had visitation with my ex husband so we had to be back home for that Sunday morning and Mammoth Cave is almost 2 hours away.  I did not want Spencer to miss out on anything.  He already was really bummed he had to leave early.  Eric could not leave early in the morning because he was in charge of everyone.  So long story sucked.  Cedric cried, and was not happy...and if he is not happy...he makes sure no one is. Eric and I practice attachment parenting, and we take our kids pretty much everywhere with us....but honestly, this trip Cedric should have left early or stayed behind.  He was over stimulated and worked up.  I felt so bad for him.  I really hate we have no one to watch him.  For some reason our parents don't like watching Cedric over night.  I need to find a sitter that I trust for him.  My friend jokingly said her mom can adopt my family....I might take her up on the offer.

Eric...he did an awesome job with the boys and helping me out with Cedric. He tried his best to help me out with Cedric, but he was in charge of everything.  It was funny...he even tried wearing him around feeding him while the boys roasted hot dogs over the fire.  I swear he amazes me more and more everyday.  He's truly a kind and gentle man.  I loved watching him interact with the boys.  He took Spencer on a cave tour while Cedric and I drove around.  He was beyond nervous about the camping trip.  He was responsible for all the cub scouts and their families.  So he had valid worries.  But it was a major success.  Everyone had a great time and I'm proud of him for pulling off a great trip.  Spencer was over the moon with happiness.  He loved every second of it.  He told me he was happy we both came and he loves for his parents to participate in things (yes that's how my 8 year old talks...ha)  So as long as he had a good time...I'm glad.  Next time...I will use a babysitter : )

Here are some pics...

Eric putting up the tent.

Cedric did awesome on the hike...he loves hiking.

They have the cutest little ferry there...I wanted to drive across just to see how it worked ; )

The deer were insane and EVERYWHERE!!!

It was GORGEOUS!!!

My rotten little guy hanging out in my friends van.

The three stooges.

The boys gathered around studying something.

Any mother of a boy knows how they like to be...this is the boys doing their poop dance...yup...poop dance. Makes a mother proud (eyes rolling).

Spen making a point... 

I LOVE hiking.

Cedric stealing his dad's hat...

Cedric giving Eric kisses...

The boys listening to the Park Rangers.

I was only able to snap a few pics of Spencer because he was too cool for me and had to hang out with his friends.  I'm glad he had a good time.

Ok, off to head and ear are killing me.

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