Thursday, October 13, 2011


Damn this rainy day!  I need the sun and I need it to be dry out.  I have too many things I have to do that involve me lugging my little guy around.  I've been super busy for proper updates lately.  I am in the process of planning three parties.  One is just a mini party.  I can't wait for Cedric's party invites to come in.  They turned out ADORABLE!!!  I have a LONG to do list sitting patiently in front of me.  Now, where to find the energy to actually accomplish all that I need to.

This month is insane for my family.  We have three birthdays, one anniversary and Halloween.  It's nearly impossible to find anything for Eric for our anniversary.  Every idea I come up with I end up scraping.  I do have one idea that may work.  I can't believe I will turn 30 this month.  Life sure flies by when you are busy.  30 seems like a fitting age though. Now, to make a note to myself...stop aging.  Spencer has a music concert on my birthday.  So I know what my plans shall be ; )

I have an awesome husband.  For the past week he has been helping me cut out the capes for Cedric's birthday party.  He also helped my friend and me make signs for Spencer's school family fun night.  It's funny watching him work...he's a perfectionist and has to MEASURE EVERYTHING.  I'm awful and usually just eyeball it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I need to run back up to the fabric store.  The green felt somehow got mixed up in the plethora of fabric I was buying and got lost.  I think when the woman cutting the fabric started talking to us she set it aside and we did not notice.  So another trip I will have to make again : (

Spen's costume is currently marinating in the coffee mix I made for it.  I'm trying to dirty it up and age it.  So far so good.

My new breakfast kick...homemade smoothies.  I'm a dork and love trying new stuff.  I'm trying to encompass more fruits into my diet and smoothies seem the perfect way to go.  I can drink more than I can eat.  I feel awful, but I was craving one last night.  Eric was awesome and ran out to the store once the kids were down and bought all the supplies we would need.  We whipped one up and it was yummy.

Here is the recipe... { }

Ok...Cedric is determined to sit on my lap while I type this...and it's not working out so off to start this day.  Have a great day guys!!!

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