Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One shot in the hip later....

I was FINALLY able to get in with my regular doctor.  She is fabulous and so sweet.  But unfortunately, everyone in town loves her too.  Long story short...I still have fluid behind my eardrum and a cold/sinus mess.  No fun.  She ended up giving me a shot in my hip and more meds prescribed.  Funnnnn...fingers crossed I feel better soon.

I changed the look of my blog, not really feeling it...but my head is spinning and I am beyond sick so this is how it shall stay until I feel better.  Oh, dear God, I'm tired of feeling like crap.  I love my hubby to death.  He's been taking care of me and the kids.  I just am too sick to do anything.  He has some things planned for my birthday.  I MUST get better!!!  He cleaned the house last night.  It was cute...his cleaning and my cleaning are on two different spectrum's. Ha!  But it was sweet he did it nonetheless.  We have family coming over today. I'm not feeling up to it today...but they are in from out of town...so I'll suck it up or pass out...whichever comes first.  Eric told me to get a massage and facial on my birthday.  He took off work for the day...so that will be nice.  I need to make an appointment. He's up to something sneaky and he's been really silly about my birthday.  I'm curious to what he has planned.  I know we will be celebrating on the weekend...so who knows what I have in store for me.  The big 3 0.  Wowser.  But honestly, I love my life.  I have two beautiful, healthy, smart little boys and an amazing hubby. So turning 30 won't be that bad.  I'm really digging life right now...and where I am in it.  I have some awesome plans coming up...but that will be for another post when I can think straight.

I have a long list of things to do...and absolutely no energy to make them happen.  I have emails to return to clients and my head is a mess.  I just can't think straight. 

I need to run to the store...and I need to mop up the mess Cedric made for me this morning.    My bed is calling for me...but off to be super woman I go.

Wishing everyone a great week : )

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