Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm a word skipper.  I have this weird little quirk about's annoying..but when I write...I skip words...and when I re-read something I insert them from memory...very annoying and I often times end up appearing retarded in literature.  I'm sure there is some name and disorder out there for it...but to me...I'm a word skipper.

I slept pretty well last night considering I'm terrified of the ultrasound I'm having today.  I was just so tired.  Hopefully, today I'll see what is going on with my side.  I've had pains for about two years.  I've had a CAT scan, x-ray and another u/s.  Today they test the functionality of my gallbladder.  Fingers crossed it's not working properly and that is what the problem is.  Eric is going with me today.  My hubby takes such good care of me.  I love him so much.  It's funny how polar opposites Eric and I are.  He is very reserved and shy.  I on the other hand am not.  We are different like night and day with traveling.  He clings to schedule and a map.  I make sure I have enough cash in my back pocket to get back home just in case and take off.  I love getting lost and having to find my way back. I love the thrill of a new place and I love talking with locals.  This will be a true test of my marriage when we go to Europe.  Poor Eric has to be pushed to get out of his comfort zone.  I live out of mine and thrive.  Throw some kids on top of the mix and we shall see who loses their minds...heheehheee.  I'm looking forward to Europe.  I'm more scared I will not want to come back.

I had a great photo shoot over the weekend.  I need to take the kids pics.  I HATE how the ones I shot the other day turned out.  I'll be reshooting this week.  Fun...eyes rolling.  I'm really thinking about digging deeper into commercial photography.  I enjoy it and I love that there really isn't that much pressure.  Furniture doesn't have to smile or sit still. to clean this house.

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