Thursday, April 22, 2010


Eric is home.  I'm happy.  He was gone on a business trip to Michigan for a few days.  Spen really missed him too. 

Cedric said momma super clear today.  I was playing with him on my lap and he blurted it out and then continued to babble.  Too cute!

I have a bunch of photo shoots and weddings coming up.  I'm excited because I got my warmcards.  Small victory.

I need to get Eric a birthday gift.

I'm super nervous about my doctors appointment.  Hopefully, he will know what is going on and it can be fixed soon.  I also hope it's nothing serious.  I'm worried...but that is what I do.

I go to the orthodontist next week...I'm nervous and excited about that.

I'm slowly losing weight...not as fast as I wish.  Eric has been helping me...I'm a recovering fatty.

I've been working out everyday.  I can't wait for my side to stop hurting so I can go jogging again.

I bought some cute clothes...I wish I could fit more of the ones I already have.

I will never fully understand people and I will leave it at that. to work out some more...I'm addicted.

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