Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A great week...

Ok, so far this week has been fabulous.  I'm so excited about things...I really am on cloud nine.

I feel like praising God....I have so many blessings in my life and I feel so lucky.

Things going on this week...

I started back doing freelance for the CJ.  Woo hoo!  I can use the cash and I miss shooting.  It's part time and with freelance I get to pick and choose assignments. Maybe once a week or more if I like.  BEST OF ALL....  I get to shoot the Oaks and Derby.  I'm over the moon excited about this.  I need to pick up my media credentials sometime before Friday.  I love Derby.  I'm just super excited about it.  I hope to get some good shots this year and sell some prints.  I feel super blessed.

I went to the doctor today and found out I probably have IBS.  I was terrified it was something more serious.  I have to have more tests run in a few weeks to rule out some stuff, but he really thinks it's IBS.  I thought IBS is the disease where you poop all the time and have a yucky tummy so I ruled that out for me.  Turns out abdominal and back pain can be caused by IBS...who knew???  Not I!  But I'm really happy that is what he thinks is wrong.  He explained a lot to me....So I'm stoked.  He put me on pro-biotics.  We shall see if it helps.  My hormones are going crazy so that is probably why I am having so much pain.  He was a really nice doctor...so I'm really happy about that as well.

I also figured out some new editing techniques.  So YAY!  I can't wait to start shooting up a storm : )   I really hope Sarah wants to work with me...this will take some weight off my shoulders.

I love my family...I have two wonderful sweet little boys and an awesome hubby who loves me and my craziness.  I have a very busy schedule the next 2 months...weddings galore, senior pics, and family pics...I LOVE IT!!!

I just feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I've been dealing with this pain on and off for two years and I've had so many tests done with no answers.  So I'm praying the doctor is correct in his assumption and I can get back to normal.  Whewwwwww.......

Ok...off to get spen.  Thanks big guy : )

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