Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So much to do today...

I need to take spen to the library...

I need to take spen to target to replace his m.i.a. mp3 player.

I need to clean.

I need to go to the grocery.

I need to workout.

I need to cut the guys hair.

I also still need lunch...but that will come.

Eric and I are attempting to lose weight together.  We shall see how this works out.  I did work out today.

Ok...side note...how do you tell someone you think their partner is a douche?  I have a few people I know that this applies to.  No, I am not head of the board on appointing douchebags...but I just hate seeing people with jerk face losers.  I also hate seeing them with pompous assholes.  You know the type...the guys who have no respect for anyone other than themselves.  The momma boys who think the world owes them something just because they were merely born.  Yeah, those guys.  I saw this one chick yesterday (complete stranger mind you) standing on the corner of Cherokee.  Apparently, her and her thug life forever boyfriend were fighting.  He had his pants pulled down, baggy shirt and hat tipped to the side.  He for sure thought he was a bad ass.  Only problem is he looked like a douche.  Anyhoo, the chick was pretty and young.  I had my window down and for split second I totally wanted to yell at her she could do better.  Way better.  But instead I watched him yell for her to come along and watched her obey his command.  It sucks knowing what I know now, and not having a time machine to travel back and correct some of my own stupid girl moments.  Oh well, that's life.  So back to the situation at hand.  I think some of the chicks know the men they are with are jerks.  They are merely comfortable.  That's a pretty dangerous place to be.  It's funny because they try to give the illusion everything is perfect and he just "adores" me.  I think often times they are merely trying to convince themselves of these silly notions.  Because the world knows the truth.  How a man treated his ex, strangers, friends and everyone else is how he will treat you.  Actually, usually they treat their wives, girlfriends or partners worse because they can.  Ok...I'm stepping down off my pedestal.  I just feel sorry for these ladies.  I hope the abuse isn't too bad...and maybe they will learn they deserve better. 

Ok...now off to shower and get ready for the daily events...pointless blog...

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