Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy...Let's start 365 ; )

I have a been a busy busy bee as of lately.This weekend alone has been insane.  I had a mini party, went to a home show and had family from out of town over.Sheeshhhh.  So onto my next adventure... I'm starting the 365 project. ( Thanks for the inspiration from friends and fellow bloggers : )) I have to capture and post at least one photograph everyday for a year.  Now, I'm not going to force myself to lug around my canon, I'm wanting to capture life and at the moments I need to and want to.  So crappy cell phone pics will work for me along with a fancy camera as well.  I just want to snap shot life's moments when I can.  So with that said here is my first pic along with why....

This is my remote trigger for my studio equipment.  As you can see compared to a quarter it is very small. I had lost this very important tiny piece of equipment.  I had searched my house from the basement to the 2nd floor only to come up empty handed.  I was FREAKING out!!!  I have a VERY important photo shoot on Tuesday and I wanted all my equipment ready to go.  I cannot use my studio lights without this little trigger.  It connects to the top of my camera and radios to my lights when to flash.  Ummmm....yeah...this is an important commercial photo shoot.  THANKFULLY, my lovely hubby found it in a drawer that I NEVER put it in.  I think it somehow got stuffed in there during Christmas.  Sheeeshhhhh...heart attack averted : )

I had my first craft party this weekend.  It was a BLAST!!!  I have some of the sweetest most talented friends !  This weeks theme was jewelry making.  We all brought a project and some even came with lovely treats as well.  It turned into a fun buffet and jewelry making party.  I totally went off my diet...oops.  When my one friend bakes a cake...I HAVE to eat a piece or two..or three...She makes the best cakes!  So, I plan on making this a monthly gig.  I'm excited to get my craft on with friends and good food : )  Below are some pics...

My friends made this bracelet.  The Golden Snitch.  TOO freakin cute!!!

Walmart sells the wings for this bracelet along with Michaels.  BUT you have to drill a second hole to connect it...hence my friends adventure...

They had to break out the drill for the snitch bracelet.  It was super cute.  My husband was on his way with his friend to Ohio and had to talk the girls through on what to do with the making a hole in the wing.  He also had to tell them where to find what tools in the house and garage. Originally, they tried using his soldering gun. A few burns later they found out it didn't work.

They were both super cute trying to figure out what to and how to do this without cracking the wing. worked and it worked PERFECTLY!!!

{ Here are the Amandas getting their craft on...}

Total blast!!!  Can't wait for next month.  I think I'm going to have a Valentine craft making party.  I need help with making stuff for Spen's class party.  

Goodnight and I hope everyone has a great week!!!

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