Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis that time of year...

I have been on a craft, baking, art project roll.  The kids and I made dough ornaments today.  They are currently baking away in the oven as I type.  Hopefully, they turn out.  I made the grandparents little Ceddy hand print ornaments.  Spencer's hand is too big to do the same.  So he made little snowmen for everyone.  He also pressed an army man outline ornament too.  We had I said they turn out.

The cookie exchange was a blast.  This will become an family annual event.  I love all my friends to death!  It was nice sitting around doing crafts with the ladies and kids.  Too bad the kids really weren't into the crafts  they made their ornaments but took off before they we started the stockings.  So us adults worked on them.  We all had fun sitting around decorating with glitter.  I love Christmas.  This year they are calling for a white Christmas.  I'm excited...I love this season.

I've been working on my website and I'm about to launch it..stay tuned...

New year's resolutions!!!

drum roll please...

-read less sad news via the internet
-be more of a positive person
-stop wasting my time with negative people
-workout more
-hike more
-travel more
-be more understanding with Eric...his work drives me crazy, but that's not his fault
-love more
-get my shit together with my businesses
-learn to knit or buy a loom...whichever comes first
-show people how much they mean to me
-stop being so sensitive
-stop taking on the worlds problems as my own...I'm only one lady with my own world problems to deal with
-create more!!!
-finish my basement
-read more books
-and just be me and nothing more.

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