Sunday, December 5, 2010

I should be asleep....

I should be asleep, but my mind is full of ideas.  My brain is in creative mode and sleep is something it does not desire, but oh how my body does.  I have to go ice skating today...hopefully, I will have the energy.  Sheesh.  An opening bio popped in to my head while laying in bed for my site after a diaper change. Ceddy had settled down and my mind was racing of these creative endeavors. I had to write it down or it would be merely a memory of me having a great bio but not for the life of me remembering a damn word of it.  I feel like coffee right now.  But I can't...I need sleep.

 We haphazardly put up the Christmas stuff this year.  I'm in the mood for Christmas, just not decorating.  The kitchen has wiped me out. I'm also entering the phase of my life that most of my Christmas stuff needs to be replaced.  Either is was hand me downs or bought years ago.  The sparkles have fell off a lot of items and many are badly shaped.  Tis the Christmas season with unfluffed trees.  I gave Eric the fluffer job,  he sucked.  That term makes me giggle...I'm a nerd. I need to decorate my family room tree.  Eric and Spen put a tree up in the dining room in the front window.  It was funny Spen asked Eric when was there enough lights on the tree, Eric replied with,"When it looks like it's on fire".  It's our "family tree", aka the ugly one full of junk.  Of course Eric and Spen had to take it to the extreme.  It has a lot of lights flashing and ornaments that are broken adorning it.  I hope no one has a seizure looking at it. 

Ok...I think I feel slumber revisiting me...nighty night...or shall I say early good morning?

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