Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teeth hurting...ouch... me a sissy...but damn my mouth hurts.  It sucks because I can't take anything for the pain this week because of my test next week.  So double suck.

It's kinda entertaining.  Eric and I are getting some flack about taking the kids to Hawaii.  EVERYONE assumes we are just going, or we are just taking Spen.  We couldn't leave Ceddy behind.  We do attachment parenting...and the name in itself should explain some things. Ceddy is too little to understand Mommy and Daddy will be back in a week.  That breaks my heart just thinking about how freaked out he would be.  We figure this...there will be a time when the kids are grown and moved away and we can take all the alone trips we want. Or when the kids are teenagers, and we can dash off for a weekend trip somewhere.  Life is short and I want to enjoy my kids and show them new things.  I know some people do not share this point of view.  I say whatever works for you is great.  This is what works for my family. Spen is super excited.  Ceddy, not so much..hehehehee.  We plan on going back when he is older.  I know we will hear the same flack when we take the kids to Europe.  I know a lot of people think it will be a hassle or a waste taking the kids and would enjoy it more without them.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love a week alone with my hubs in a tropical paradise.  But I know I'd miss my boys more.  Also, I want to show them new things. My kids are my life and always come first. I want to teach them and let them have experiences like no other.  I just want to expose Spen and Cedric to the wonders of the world.  My kids are pretty good travelers.  I'm not worried about Spen.  He LOVES flying.  But Cedric has me kinda worried.  I'll come well packed and full of stuff to entertain him.  I can't wait to have the boys play on the beach.  Cedric will laugh non-stop and spen...good Lord he won't want to leave.  I want to go hiking some too.  Check out some waterfalls and mountains.  We are bringing the hiking backpack with us.  The tricky part is packing Ceddys food.  I'm super cheap...and have been looking into ways to save money.  I'm going to get a safeway rewards card, and there is a walmart and kmart on the island.  Even a Mcdonalds.  I read to cook some of your own food while there to save money.  So we will probably do that a few times. But I plan on mostly eating where the locals do.

   I feel super blessed. I'm also exited because  I'm in the works of starting a project for the home of the innocents.  I need to contact some other photographers to see if I can get it together.  But I feel like with each blessing I have...I should give thanks and back to others.  Lame I know. But I am the girl who wanted to become a nun...(even though I'm not catholic ) so go figure. to start the day...

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Jessica said...

I wouldn't worry about taking Cedric's food as there are plenty of the same cheapo stores there as there are here. You can always pick up some of those things so that you don't have to pack them all. Plus there's also the option of sharing a little of the soft stuff that is on your plate if he's already eating solids. :-) Let him taste a little of the local food! hehe.

As for taking the kids with you... I know I didn't take my kids to Tokyo or Vegas... but that wasn't because I didn't want to share it with them.. only because 24 hours of travel and my kids was NOT going to be good.. and 9 hours for Vegas and the cost didn't work either. But after grad school.. I totally plan to take them... I think if you want to do it and you have kids with personalities that CAN do it, why not? It's a personal choice specific to YOUR life. I don't understand why people are giving you crap over something that has nothing to do with them. But I guess thats because people always do that. haha.

Anyway.. totally excited for you guys... take loads of photos and post them.. so I can remember how pretty Hawaii is. :-)