Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy bee that I am...

I have meetings almost non stop this month and next.  I drive myself crazy.  My business has taken off.  Kinda I'm trying to stay super organized.  I need to start work on the magazine.  All in due time.

I went in for my consult for my braces.  I will be having them put on June 10th.  I look forward to having straight teeth, just not the braces aspect of it.  I'll post pics.  This should be entertaining.

I have a busy weekend...cubscout graduation, and a shoot for the wedding crashers.  Both should be fun.

I'm excited for Eric's birthday...I have a little suprise for him.  But sometimes he reads my blog so I will leave it at that.

I can't wait for our vacation this year...KEY WEST!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!  We also plan on taking a trip to Chicago.  I'm stoked about that as well.  Poor Eric deserves some rest. to work I go.

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Jessica said...

When are you guys going to Key West? Have you been following the oil spill crap? I would keep a watch on it and plan accordingly... were making back up plans for our vacation in July because of the stupid spill... it pisses me off on soooo many levels.. not just the selfish ones. haha. but yeah... last I heard.. it could be headed toward the keys and might even go up around to the other coast. which was our back up.. so we might have to make back up plans for our back up plans... annnnd im not trying to poop on your parade.. i just thought i'd mention it so you so you can watch it and not get stuck in an oil slick. heh.

also... awesome about your braces! I know you've been wanting them for a while and I can't wait to see you rock the bands! haha.

oh and we should try to make some time to hang out soon.. though you just said you are busy as all hell.. I'm just sayin. heh. whenever you do have a bit of free time... let me know. :-) That is ... when I can drive again... hopefully by next week I can.