Friday, June 18, 2010


Oh so tired.  I didn't go to sleep until 3 or 4 am. I can never sleep right when Eric is out of town.  I hear "noises" and then toss and turn wondering if I should investigate the noises or ignore the fact someone could be trying to break in.  My comfortable bed usually loses out and I'm double checking all the doors and garage door to make sure they are locked.  I'm a nerd.  Last night my boys were beyond crazy sleepers.  Spen for some reason has this new thing he does...he sits up and starts singing in his sleep.  WTH.  I have to start laughing every time I see or hear this.  He also was such a wild sleeper last night.  He punched and did ninja moves all night.  So I had to wrestle with him.  He sleeps with me when Eric is out of town.  Then Cedric finds he nose sucker in his bed and tries to drink it.  I was so tired and slap happy...I about fell over laughing so hard.  He was asleep.  It was funny...but needless to say I ran and got a bottle and had to pry his fingers from the sucker.  He had the death grip on it.

I have an action packed weekend.  I have a photo shoot today, wedding tomorrow and day after photo shoot.  I need coffee...lots and lots of coffee.  I have been working like a mad woman lately.  I'm so excited I have a second shooter and an assistant.  Yay!!!!  It makes my job a lot more enjoyable.  It helps that it is my friend too.  We have a good time and I can get my job done a lot better.

I can't wait until we go to Michigan and then onto Chicago.  I have yet to see scottys town.  So This will be a blast.  I hope the kids survive the car ride.  I also can't wait for Hawaii.  I'm soo excited.  I love my life.

Eric is driving home as I type.  I have missed him.  I can't wait until he is home.  I have no idea what to get him for fathers day.  I think I might get him this book about things dads can do with their kids.  He's been wanting it.  He's such a good dad.  I know the kids have been missing him as well.

I'm determined to lose my weight.  Starvation mode has been initiated.  I have to get back down...before Hawaii.

I have so many emails I need to respond to and things to off I go to make coffee and start my day...

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