Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm sleepyyy...

I should be in bed...but I am waiting for my pics to upload onto the CJ's FTP site.  I have so much going on...I feel like I'm being pulled 7 different ways.  My side is killing me as of lately...probably due to stress.  I just quit.  I quit caring, I quit trying...and I'm just going to push forward.  That's all I can do.  I'm tired..mentally, emotionally and physically.... I'm just exhausted. 

I had a weird encounter today which leads me to wonder what has been said about my family and me.  I can assume someone has tried to cover their own short comings with lies.  I hope this isn't the case and the said person today is simply rude.  Who knows...oh well...that's life...full of weird people. 

I hope things work out.  I'm nervous about my tests coming up.  I hate being sedated.  Eric wants to get away.  He is convinced we need a vacation in Hawaii to relax us.  We shall see.  I just want to get away.

ok...I can barely form complete to sweet dreams I go....

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