Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's official...

My house looks like a tornado hit it...only within the inside. I started cleaning this morning only to discover I have no idea where to begin. Eric and I are in the middle of two big undertakings. We are going through all the boxes in the basement and cleaning out spen's toy room. At the same time. So...somehow our kitchen and dining room have become a catch all for everything in between. Grrrr....I wish I had the energy to clean. It's driving me nuts. All I can say is wow we have a lot of stuff. Eric and I are collectors. AKA we keep tons of little pieces of crap. I will admit we have thrown a lot away. We just have so much more to go. I want to be organized. I'm tired of not being able to find something and having to replace the lost item to only have it pop up a month or so later.

Baby news... So I heard back about my blood test. I passed the glucose test..woo hoo. But I'm almost anemic and my thyroid levels were not the greatest. So I have to take iron and they upped my thyroid meds. Great. I feel like an old lady being on so much meds. I take 6 pills a day. All worth it for a healthy baby...just annoying. I wish people could understand that it's not I'm "not eating properly" but that my body is basically crap. Eric and I have heard this from some people and it drives me nuts. It took me 2.5 years to get pregnant...duh. My body is not the healthiest. So I'm trying everything I can to keep it healthy. I was anemic with spen. I used to be anemic all the time...but I kinda grew out of it. It's actually very common is pregnancy. So please refrain from adding comments I would prefer not to hear. Also, I wish people would stop with the ideas of what should be on a baby registry. Geezzzzzzzzzz louise. I've had a child, I've breastfed a child...and I know what I will need. If I ask a question..great. Give me an influx of answers. But if you feel the need to inject your opinion ...please do a hormonal pregnant woman a favor...don't. Grrrr....Ok...morning gripe is over.

I need to take my maternity portraits. This will be harddddddddddd. I will need erics help and the usage of my camera timer. I'm actually going to attempt them in the park too. I'm brave..hehehe. I hate taking my's annoying and difficult to do. But I want some pretty family Eric will have to help me out.

I need to start buying my nursery stuff. I have it all picked out...I just need to purchase it.

Spen is on cloud nine. He will be starting the cubscouts. It's so freaking cute. Him and Eric all geeked up, talking about woodsy stuff..hehehe.

I'm debating on taking some business classes next month. I need to sign up for them if I am going to take them. I hate that they are the week spen starts school. Eric will also be gone some next month. But I need to learn some basics on taxes and the ins and outs of business management. I'm excited about the classes. I'm just not excited on the dates of them. They are in the evening..which is good I guess. I'll have to decide....soon.

Eric and I updated my site. I added some info, pics and changed my prices. I included more items in the wedding package. I'm happy with it. I was too cheap. I need to find a makeup artist and hair stylist for the pinup pics. I left that pricing out...not sure yet. I need to meet up with Nikki and give her pics. They turned out fabulous if I may say so myself..hehehe. As soon as I have the baby and get myself back to normal..I'm going to jump head first into my business. My goal for next year is to have a studio outside of my house. I hate meeting clients here, and it looks more professional. I also, really do not like strangers in my house. Creeps me out. to run errands and pick a room to clean...

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