Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poor poor little blog

I have neglected you.  I have been insanely busy last month. I had parties, a festival, a camping trip, wedding and health scare to deal with.  But I am back!  Happy, healthy and feeling wonderful!

Current random thoughts:

I have started doing a daily top 10 list of blessings.  I'm trying to purge myself of negativity.  This includes, thoughts, actions and PEOPLE ; P

I firmly believe we are our words and thoughts.  I'm so over negative people and thoughts. I admit I have been a Debbie Downer lately, and something has got to give!  So with that said...I choose to see the glass half full and move on.

The election...woah Momma. I was nervous there for a second, but my nerves were soon calmed.  I have voted in every election I have been legally able to.  I made my husband drive home early from our mini vacation so I could cast my vote.

Our mini vacay:  JUST WHAT WE NEEDED!!!  Last month Eric, my husband, had a health scare.  They were afraid he had thyroid cancer.  Honestly, all signs were pointing to it.  Thankfully, his biopsy came back benign!  BUT I got really sick due to stress.  So sick I ended up having to call off my son's birthday party. You know sh*t done got real when I call off a party...ha!  I was miserable. When I get stressed, I get sick.  I ended up going to see the doctor and she gave my a shot along with antibiotics.  I'm feeling much better and VERY well rested!  We took an impromptu trip to the Gatlinburg.  It's funny, because my husband and I always call it the old folks capital. We decided why not join the old folks and rent a cabin.  I'm so glad we did!  I LOVED the cabin.  It was in the woods and surrounded by trees.  I LOVED IT!!!  The kids had a blast running around.  It was three levels and had tons of space.  I felt kinda guilty not using all the beds, so next time we will be taking friends with us!  I so wish I could have Christmas up there, but I'd be afraid of being snowed in.  That will go on my bucket list!

Halloween was fun!  I love the fact my husband spoils my boys.  He worked hard on Spen's costume.  He was determined to have the LED's working! I also love how he is not afraid to make an ass of himself!  He proved this with agreeing to be Redfoo.  Here are some shots from Halloween.

 Every Day I'm Shuffling!  Have a great week guys!!! I promise more updates this month!

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