Saturday, November 21, 2009


Cute new baby pics... I'm iffy on them..he looks like a doll...and it looks fake....or it looks whimsical. I can't decide.

things on my mind...

- I must lose weight...I refuse to buy any nice new clothes. I need to lose asap. I hate being fat. I have lost over 30 pounds in less than three weeks...but I have a lot more to go. I balloon up when I'm pregnant.

- Having babies inspires my artistic side. It's funny...I always want to paint or create after a baby. But the down side is I never have the time or energy.

- I need hair help. My hair looks horrid. I need to do something to my hair...but I have no idea what.

- I can't wait to christmas shop. Now...only if I had the money to do it.

- I have so many phone calls I need to return. I'll do that later...I'm having a me moment.

- I've been cleaning non-stop. Cleaned three bathrooms, and my kitchen. Next will be laundry.

- I actually exercised a little today :)

- I love my two little boys...they both melt my heart with their smiles. I'm going to take spen to star bucks in a few for a mini mommy and spen date. My kid is such a

- I'm in the mood to hop in bed and watch the outsiders and eat a tub of ice cream...and a huge bowl of popcorn. But alas, that will not off to get dressed, wash clothes and go on my date.

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