Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Life As of Lately...

This weeks mantra! 

I have been insanely busy.  From work, to kids, to just life.

Right now my nerves are pretty shot.  My husband is having some health issues and I'm kinda going a little insane with worry.  He is my best friend, my partner and the love of my life.  I just hope and pray everything is ok. I could not imagine a life without him.  We are attached at the hip and I adore him even if we argue like an old married couple....ha! We will find out more by next week.  This month we will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary.  I love him so much and he is such an important part of my life.  He is the sweetest guy who always puts others and his family before himself.  I will update more once we know exactly what is going on. Please keep my hubby in your prayers and thoughts.

Last weekend was the cub scout camp-out.  We had a blast.  Even if I did not want to exit my tent in the morning to frigid temps. Ha...Eric basically had to drag me out.  I freeze too easily and once I get cold it takes a small eternity for me to warm up.

Halloween...I'm sure my neighbors know something is up with my family.  We do not have our  usual plethora of decorations up yet.  This is unheard of.  We are the Pullen's aka Clark Griswold of decorations. We have just had so many things going on to drag everything down from the attic.  But THIS shall be done tonight!!!

Halloween parties...I have been working on ideas for three.  Sheeeshhhhh along with the family fun night.  I have over extended myself this month.

Work has been insanely busy too.  This is my busiest month.  I feel bad at times because I could really grow my business if I wanted to.  I know how, I have the skills and resources to do so...I just am enjoying being a mom and wife right now.  This will come later.  I had this aha moment last month.  I really like being a mom and wife.  I am not saying you can't be both with working, but for me I like the freelance lifestyle of picking and choosing when I work.  I like that I can attend my son's class party.  I like that I can snuggle with my youngest during the day or go on an impromptu picnic. I had wanted to go back to school and start a new career, but that is just too much to do at this point in time.  I also realized there is no hurry to be successful.  Life is a journey with different stops along the way.  I know I am blessed to have the ability to have the work schedule I have.  I have been a single mother working full-time and I know the riggers of that  life.  It seems as women and mothers we sometimes put so much stress on ourselves with the idea we must do it all. I'm not swallowing that pill anymore.  I enjoy the lackadaisical lifestyle I have and who knows what next month, year or years shall bring.  But at this moment, I will continue on with the pace I am going and not wear myself out on a rat race. Finding your bliss is very important and having the ability to realize it and hold it in your grasp is an amazing thing few ever obtain.  I'm living my bliss right now : ) 

Saturday one of my best friends is getting married and I am her maid of honor.  I wrote my speech and now I need to remember it ha!  They are a wonderful pair and I'm so happy for them!!! Now to find me some shoes to wear and jewelry to go with my dress.  I ALWAYS wait until the last minute.  Shheessshhhh.... to clean.  Wishing all my followers a great week.  Remember to hug your love ones and follow your bliss, even if it is off the beaten path!!!

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